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21. TB75: Baker Street Afternoon Blend
A bit of Lapsang Souchong is blended with Keemun and Darjeeling, yielding a mildly smoky tea. Perfect for an afternoon uplift. Another special (whole-leaf) blend fro...
22. ZK98: China Keemun Mao Feng
From An Hui province. Long, slender leaves with exceptional quality. One of the finest black teas from China. Milder and more complex than traditional Keemun style...
23. ZO15: "Wu Yi" Water Fairy Oolong
While not a true Wu Yi Mountain tea, this Fujian province Oolong is a flavorful and affordable alternative. The dark, chocolate-brown leaves produce a dusky ecru liq...
24. TDA5: Risheehat Estate 2nd Fl. Musk SFTGFOP1 Organic (DJ-181)
A peak summer flush selection with strong muscatel characteristics. The cup boasts toasty notes of cocoa with a hint of caramel and grape. The liquor has a medium bo...
25. TJ31: Japanese Ku-Ki Ho-Ji Cha (Roasted Ku-Ki Cha)
This carefully roasted Ku-Ki Cha (twig tea) produces a golden brown cup with a sweet vegetal flavor. A mild tea that is naturally low in caffeine. The distinct toa...
26. ZH34: Sticky Rice Pu-Erh Tuo Cha
This selection is a mixture of Shou pu-erh and the Nuo Mi Xiang herb. When infused, the liquor yields an earthy aroma with hints of cinnamon. The earthy flavor emer...
27. ZJ54: Jasmine "Fragrant Cloud" Da Zhang Shan
Quality green tea leaf is married with an ethereal jasmine scenting. The delicate fragrance is complemented by the exceptional flavor of the creamy liquo...
28. ZJ89: Yin-Hao Jasmine Imperial
These large and twisted leaves have a generous proportion of white tip. The aroma is perfumed and fragrant with jasmine and honeysuckle. The liquor has a pronounced...
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"Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing the North American tea drinker with the finest teas available. We purchase teas from reputable brokers and estates worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality teas. We sell directly to the consumer, thus ensuring the freshest product and fairest pricing."