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21. TP42: China Rose Special Chun Mee
This tea is made with a fine-grade Chun Mee and naturally scented with rose petals. The cup has a pleasing strength, with a sweet fragrance and tast...
22. ZG04: Season's Pick Gunpowder Green
This selection has a semi-loose style of rolled leaves, producing an infusion which has a sweet nuance, with notes of tobacco and smoke...
23. ZG60: Organic Lung Ching
Produced in the mountainous region of Zhejiang province, this distinguished selection represents an especially good value in Lung-Ching tea. Hand-processed leaves ar...
24. ZG78: Phoenix Bud
This offering is a special, handcrafted selection from Fujian province. The flavor is delicate, with a hint of sweetness and notes of melon. The cup is buttery smo...
25. ZG03: Season's Pick Green Fannings Organic
This is a perfect tea for getting your daily dose of "greens." This fannings grade produces a smooth and flavorful cup within a minute. Value-priced for everyday co...
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"Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing the North American tea drinker with the finest teas available. We purchase teas from reputable brokers and estates worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality teas. We sell directly to the consumer, thus ensuring the freshest product and fairest pricing."