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 AG9: 10-cup Handwoven Guatemalan Tea Cosies

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   These cosies (a.k.a. cozies) are made from traditional Guatemalan huipile fabric, the colorful cosy material used to construct the patterned blouses still worn in many regions of Guatemala today. Each unique pattern tells which region the maker hails from. The "Guatemalan Cozy Project" provides disenfranchised indigenous Guatemalans with income and educational opportunities. The women involved in the project receive a fair local wage, plus a generous percentage of the proceeds. In addition, a portion of the funds are donated to continued education of Ketchikel Mayan children who wish to continue their education beyond their villages' sixth grade schools. Also available in a 2-cup size, 4-cup size, and a 6-cup size.

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 *Some variations are limited:
    Cosy pattern D1: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern D2: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern D4: 2 remaining
    Cosy pattern B5: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern B8: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern B9: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern C3: 2 remaining
    Cosy pattern C4: 1 remaining
    Cosy pattern C6: 2 remaining
    Cosy pattern C9: 1 remaining

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