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As defined by: Calcutta Tea Traders Association
   "Tainted or lacking keeping properties"

uneven & mixed
As defined by: General Information
   ""Uneven' portions of leaf usually indicative of poor sorting and not true to the particular grade"

As defined by: Calcutta Tea Traders Association
   "Containing uneven pieces"

As defined by: Calcutta Tea Traders Association
   "Possessing good blending qualities"

As defined by: Calcutta Tea Traders Association
   "Similar to mixed"

As defined by: Golden Tips
   "Large province in Ceylon, including lowland as well as the tea growing, high-land area- it is a vast mountain ledge about 1500 ft below Nuwara Eliya, and about 600 sq miles in extent"

As defined by: Ukers Tea and Coffee Trade Journal
   "When applied to the infused leaf the term means that the leaf contains red, black and green colors, resulting from uneven withering, fermentation, or rolling"

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