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Spring, 2014: Tea Pots

A Note to Our Valued Customers

Feb 24, 2014

Many of our customers have purchased one or more ChatsfordTM teapots from us over the past two decades, and in doing so they have become big fans of the line. Over the years, there have been many “versions” of the Chatsford teapot, which varied only in the ceramic base and lid. Since the first series was introduced in the late 1980s, the infuser baskets have always been the same high quality, produced in the U.K. by the same manufacturer.

The earliest ceramic components were earthenware, manufactured in the U.K. Initially, the quality was quite good. Over time, however, an increasing number of teapots arrived from source that could not be sold as first quality items. Many of our customers were delighted to purchase these teapots at deep discounts. The most recent shipment, however, was defective to the degree that we rejected the entire lot. We took this as an opportunity to take more direct control of the process.

With approval from the London Teapot Company, we have been working with a long-established ceramics manufacturer to produce a teapot base and lid to our specifications, and that will accept the Chatsford infuser baskets. The first production run will be in white porcelain, available in two-cup and six-cup sizes only. Assuming the quality meets our expectations, a four-cup size will be introduced at a later date, and an earthenware version, in a variety of colors, will follow.

We expect to introduce the new porcelain product in May, and will feature it in the next issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly. In the meantime, we have a good stock of our new glass teapots, as well as our earthenware Ai Cha teapots, as shown on page 6.

Happy tea drinking!

... Tom and The Staff at Upton Tea Imports

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