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Fall, 2014: Porcelain Tea Pots and Base Teas

A Note to Our Valued Customers

Sep 26, 2014

In the last issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly, we discussed our plan to introduce a series of porcelain teapots that would accept the ChatsfordTM strainer baskets. Our first shipment of these teapots has arrived, and they are now offered for sale on our website. They are also listed at the top of page 5 in this issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly. The base and lid of these teapots are made in China of sturdy porcelain. Each teapot is shipped with a genuine British-made Chatsford strainer basket.

Over recent months, our sources of flavored teas have found it necessary to shift at times to bolder-leaf base teas. This includes several of our Earl Grey teas. We believe that this trend will continue in light of increased demand for flavored teas worldwide. Due to our custom of offering most of our teas in optional tins, bolder-leaf base teas will often make it impossible for us to retain the single-packet weight, which traditionally was 125 grams. As a result, some of our flavored teas have been shifted to the bold-leaf category of 100 grams. When our costs allow, we adjust the packet price accordingly.

On that same note, we continued to see price increases in all tea categories during the 2014 buying season, as worldwide demand for specialty teas increases. Upton Tea Imports remains committed to our moniker of Purveyor of the World’s Finest Teas, but we will also continue our efforts to be a value-based supplier of all grades of tea.

Happy tea drinking!

... Tom and The Staff at Upton Tea Imports

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