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Spring, 2015: New Teas and Our Summer Hours

A Note to Our Valued Customers

Feb 17, 2015

When Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989, the U.S. loose leaf tea market was just beginning to show signs of life. Our first newsletter listed only 25 loose teas, including three Darjeeling teas, one from Assam, six from China, four Ceylons, and a few flavored teas. It’s interesting to note that we now introduce more teas than that with each quarterly newsletter.

On average, however, we maintain roughly 500 active teas that we sell in various size packets and tins. While several teas are added each quarter, roughly the same number of teas will have to be deleted, having been sold out and no longer available. Single estate teas from a specific harvest are the primary example of this, but increasingly we are finding it more difficult to restock certain teas from Taiwan and China. Simply stated, quality standards and leaf styles are changing more rapidly today than ever before in the tea industry. We often have observed that buying the “world’s finest tea” is much more difficult than selling it.

With that in mind, we continue to find excellent teas and will likely continue to introduce over 100 new teas this year. When possible, we will restock all the popular teas that are generally available.


In recent years we have closed for one week in the month of July. This year we will be closed the week following July 4th. We will also be closed on Fridays during the month of August, as well as September 4th.

Happy tea drinking!

... Tom and The Staff at Upton Tea Imports

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"Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing the North American tea drinker with the finest teas available. We purchase teas from reputable brokers and estates worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality teas. We sell directly to the consumer, thus ensuring the freshest product and fairest pricing."