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Winter, 2014: E-Mail Promotions

A Note to Our Valued Customers

Nov 17, 2014

The Upton Tea Quarterly, which has been published since Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989, was once the only way for us to introduce new teas and accessories to our customers. Today, a number of our customers prefer to go green by either downloading a PDF copy of the Upton Tea Quarterly, available at our website, or simply browsing our website directly. The latter method is the most effective way to discover new arrivals as they are posted.

We also offer a service for those who actively sign up to receive email notifications of new arrivals. You may specify categories of tea and accessories with this feature, which can be activated in the Your Account section of our website.

Earlier this year, we conducted two small tests of e-mail promotions using Constant Contact, a popular Waltham, Massachusetts-based online marketing company. Due to the positive feedback we received from our tests, we are planning to conduct more formal campaigns in the coming months. However, we are keenly sensitive to the preferences that many of our customers have regarding unsolicited e-mail, and take pride in the fact that our customer information is never sold or shared.

Those who wish to opt out of future Constant Contact e-mail campaigns may do so in two ways. First, our website has an Account Preferences page, which allows you to specifically define your email and newsletter subscription preferences. Secondly, clicking on the “SafeUnsubscribe” link on an e-mail sent via Constant Contact will prevent any future e-mails from being sent by us via Constant Contact. Please note that doing so does not remove you from the standard order-based e-mail that you currently receive, such as order tracking information.

The frequency of our Constant Contact e-mail campaigns will be very limited since we know that most people are more annoyed than pleased with constant barrages of e-mail. However, overall response to our test campaigns have indicated that occasional special offers and promotions are welcome if they truly are not superficial junk mail.

Happy tea drinking!

... Tom and The Staff at Upton Tea Imports

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