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Summer, 2000 Newsletter - Homepage
  Article: "Tea as a Philosophy of Life"

   The Upton Tea Quarterly has been published since late 1989. From its inception, this publication has been the primary means for us to introduce new teas to our customers and to disseminate information on tea. The trend over the years has been pretty consistent; with each issue several new teas are introduced and a few are removed. Each issue has a brief article about tea, often from a historic perspective.

   Ten years ago, in the Summer 1990 issue of The Upton Tea Quarterly, we began a four-part series entitled Tea as a Philosophy of Life. The series covered the history of Japanese tea, beginning with the introduction of tea to Japan by Buddhist monks in the seventh or eighth century.

   Ten years is a long time; our active mailing list has grown from approximately 300 names to well over 30,000! Moreover, during the past ten years a number of new books on Japanese tea have been added to our collection. So, at the risk of repeating some material for about 1% of our customers, we are publishing a revised and updated version of our series, Tea as a Philosophy of Life.

Read the article.

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