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Summer, 2006 Newsletter - Homepage
  Introduction: "Capturing the Retail Market for Tea"

   In the last issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly we discussed Thomas Lipton's early success in retail provisions. From a single store, established in Glasgow in 1871, his empire grew to hundreds of stores throughout the United Kingdom. All during his expansion, the popularity of tea was growing among the middle class, as prices decreased and supplies increased.

Lipton decided to enter the tea trade in 1888, and quickly established his own tea-tasting office. Soon, he was advertising his own blends, created from cheap teas purchased directly from importers, bypassing the established wholesale distribution channels of the time. In doing so, he was able to sell teas at unprecedented prices, and thereby brought tea to a largely untapped market — that of the poor working class. Lipton’s Tea immediately became the everyman’s tea, and trade in his stores rose to staggering levels. Within two years of selling his first pound of tea, the ever-resourceful Thomas Lipton took one more giant step: he purchased his own tea estates, and soon became the world’s most memorable tea planter.

Read Part IV: Lipton's Crowning Achievement.

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