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Winter, 2003 Newsletter - Homepage
  Introduction: "Tea and Caffeine"

   In the Summer issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly, we examined recent research on tea and taste. Industry and consumer knowledge evolves continuously as new studies are published. It is ironic, then, that in light of increasing knowledge, the most familiar component of tea remains the source of much misinformation and confusion.

   Often called the world's most popular drug, caffeine is what gives tea much of its appeal. Caffeine is a morning wake-up and an afternoon kick-start. It eases daily stresses and sharpens our focus. With millions starting each day with a cup of tea (or coffee), caffeine makes the world go round.

   The mild stimulating effect of the caffeine has been one of the reasons for tea's popularity for at least three millennia. "Tea and Caffeine" explores the relationship between caffeine and our beloved brew.

Read more in Tea and Caffeine.

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