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Summer, 2002 Newsletter - Homepage
  Introduction: "The Golden Age of the Tea Trade"

   Every tea drinking culture has a unique perspective on the traditions and lore of the world's most popular beverage. For the Chinese, tea's heritage includes the genesis of tea as a beverage and the earliest scholarly treatise on tea, the Cha Ching, by Lu Yu. Japanese enthusiasts identify with the perfection of ceremonial tea under Grand Master Rikyu and his successors. For many, the epoch of tea is exemplified by the brief era of the Tea Clippers and the great tea races that transformed the shipping industry and captured the imaginations of countless vicarious adventurers. Each of these views enjoys its own blend of drama, romance, and poetry. What distinguishes the last of these perspectives is that, in a brief period of twenty years, it embraces some of the most illustrious moments in tea's colorful history. In this issue of the Upton Tea Quarterly we begin a new series, The Golden Age of the Tea Industry, which we associate with the era of the magnificent Tea Clippers.

Read more in The Golden Age of the Tea Trade: Part 1: Merchant Ships of the 1830's

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