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Winter, 2001 Newsletter - Homepage
  Introduction: "Upton Tea Imports Relocates"

   Hopkinton, Massachusetts is perhaps best known as the starting point of the Boston Marathon. It's an annual event that always awakens what is otherwise a fairly quiet New England town. The first Boston Marathon, actually called the American Marathon, was 24.5 miles long and ran from Ashland to Boston. When it was lengthened to 26 miles, 385 yards in 1924, the starting point was moved to Hopkinton Center, just a few feet east of Hayden Rowe Street at the Hopkinton Common.

   The original settlement of Hopkinstown (now Hopkinton) consisted of 25,000 acres. In 1735 about 4,000 acres were sectioned off and became part of the town of Upton. After Ashland was established from another section of Hopkinton, it was left with approximately 18,500 acres.

   The story of Hopkinton is similar to that of many New England Towns. Industry in Hopkinton once included shoe and boot manufacturing, thread milling, and food packing. Today, Hopkinton industry is synonymous with EMC Corporation, which is located on South Street, Hopkinton's Silicon Row. Upton Tea Imports moved from Upton to Hopkinton's South Street in April, 1995. As of October of 2001, we are operating from a restored mill building at 34 Hayden Rowe Street. It is now well over a year ago that the project was begun.

Read more in Upton Tea Imports Relocates: Restoring the Seaman and Cobb Thread Mill

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