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Fall, 2001 Newsletter - Homepage
  Introduction: "Curious Teapot Designs: The 'Anti-Tannic' Air-valve Tea Infuser"

   Loose tea is very easy to prepare. I once worked with a gentleman who was raised in India and prepared his tea in a uniquely simple way. He heated freshly drawn water in an ordinary sauce pan until it just began to boil. Then he threw what seemed like a random amount of tea on top of the water, covered the pan, and removed it from the stove, letting the leaves steep long enough to settle to the bottom of the pan. He had been doing this so long that I am sure the amount of water and tea used, as well as the steeping time, were essentially the same each time. This is, in fact, the way most tea is prepared in India. I have used this method quite successfully when preparing tea for a family that did not own a teapot.

   Most serious tea drinkers agree that a good teapot simplifies the process, especially when the teapot is designed to halt the steeping process at the desired time and allow the tea to remain hot until it is served. Over the years, several variations of infuser teapots have been designed with this objective. One of my favorite infuser teapot designs is the "Anti-Tannic" air-valve tea infuser which, coincidently, was created soon after Ruben Lucius Goldberg began his career as a cartoonist.

Read more in Curious Teapot Designs: The "Anti-Tannic" Air-valve Tea Infuser"

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