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Iced Tea - A Great Way to Cool Off in the Summertime

Tea lovers everywhere would agree that there is no better way to cool off than by sipping a refreshing cup of iced tea. Almost any loose tea, exotic, or fruit flavored tea can be used to make a delightful summer beverage. Good iced tea is quite simple to make.

Cold Steeping Instructions
The following cold steeping method produces a clear liquor with delicious flavor. Double or triple the quantity of dry leaf that you would ordinarily use (approximately 6 g/cup). Place the tea leaves in any clean jug, and add the appropriate amount of cold water. Let the infusion stand in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least six hours. Strain the tea into a second jug, add sugar or lemon to taste, and enjoy.

Hot Steeping Instructions
If you prefer to use hot water to infuse your tea, double or triple the quantity of dry leaf that you would ordinarily use for hot tea. In a teapot or jug, infuse the tea with boiling water (180º for green teas) for 3-5 minutes. Let this concentrate cool, then dilute with cold water and add sugar or lemon to taste. If your iced tea becomes cloudy, add a splash of hot water to the container to clear the liquor.

Green Tea Ice Cubes
Use green tea ice cubes to add a hint of flavor to a fruit punch or to prevent your green iced tea from becoming watered-down. Make these cubes by brewing green tea in the standard method. Pour the infusion into an ice cube tray and freeze. As the cubes begin to melt, the tangy flavor of green tea will add a pleasing complexity to your drink. Feel free to try this with your favorite black tea or herbal as well!

So, the next time that you’re craving a cool glass of iced tea, try brewing your own with your favorite style of loose leaf tea. The process is simple, and the results are delicious!

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