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"Why Now?"
     As interest in fine, loose tea continues to grow in the United States, a number of companies have entered the market. Unfortunately, some of these companies labor under the misconception that tea needs to be redefined to be successful in America. Too often the result has been an over-reliance on stylish blends, fruity flavors, and cleverly packaged products.

   The simple truth is that tea hardly needs this sort of help. Tea’s 5000-year history is ample evidence that its popularity is eternal. Tea does not need reinventing, only experiencing -- a fact understood by a growing number of tea drinkers who desire the uniquely satisfying experience that only real tea provides. For too long, Americans have found it difficult to obtain the kind of high quality tea and knowledgeable service more commonly available in Europe and parts of Asia.

   Fortunately, for North Americans, this situation changed in 1989.

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"Upton Tea Imports was founded in 1989 with the objective of providing the North American tea drinker with the finest teas available. We purchase teas from reputable brokers and estates worldwide, dealing only with sources who are capable of providing top quality teas. We sell directly to the consumer, thus ensuring the freshest product and fairest pricing."