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How Do I Rate or Review a Tea?

Once you’ve tried a tea, we invite you to share your feedback in the form of a public review. You may also privately rate the tea, a great way to keep track of your own personal notes. Your ratings will contribute to tea recommendations made on your Suggested Buys page.

To rate or review a tea, first locate and display the list of your online purchases by logging in to Your Account. Click the link at the end of the Item and Order History section: “To personally rate and/or review any items you've ordered in the past, click here.”

    To Rate a Tea
  1. Click on the "Rate this item" link.
  2. Fill in the Personal Notes section, select a star rating and then click on "Save Changes."
  3. Remember that this area is for your thoughts and your eyes alone.

    To Review a Tea
  1. Click on the "review this item" link.
  2. Select your star ratings, fill in the Additional Comments section (not required) and then click on "Save Changes."
  3. If you wish, you may change your published name and choose your displayed location or not.
  4. Note: You must purchase a package larger than a sample in order to publicly review a tea.

Some suggestions for reviewing teas:
Review the tea in comparison with others of similar style, quality, and price.
A first flush Darjeeling is expected to have a different character than a traditional breakfast blend, so we ask that you make your review accordingly. (We reserve the option to decline any review that does not reasonably evaluate the quality of the tea based on these characteristics.)

Choose a name that you will use for all of your reviews in the future.
This will allow customers to identify multiple reviews with a single customer and his or her preferences. Who knows, you might even develop a group of followers with similar favorites!

Share additional comments on your brewing preferences.
What infusion time is "just right" for you? Is the tea perfect with a drop of milk? Your preferences can help show others why they should consider this tea.

Double-check before you save.
Please confirm that your spelling, grammar, and syntax are correct. Vulgarity and/or profanity will not be accepted.

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