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"Our commitment to customer privacy."
     We have never sold, traded or shared one piece of customer information -- and assure you that we, under no circumstance, will ever do so.

The information that you provide to us is used solely to fulfill your order, and will be viewed only by our in-house Customer Service staff. All personal information that you provide us with, or that we retrieve for order processing, is transmitted over a secure connection. For more information, please refer to our safe shopping guarantee.

Here is a brief overview of all of the information that we require from you, and why:

1. Your E-mail Address:
   Your e-mail address is used to create and access your account, and is only used for the following express purposes:
  • To serve as a unique, easy-to-remember username for your account.
  • To keep you informed as to the status of your order (confirming the completion, packing, shipping and/or cancellation of your order).
  • To provide means by which our Customer Service department can contact you, should we have a question about your order.
  • In the event that you cannot remember your password, you can request a reminder e-mail via our password retrieval form.
  • To allow you to sign up for optional new product notifications.

2. Your Billing & Shipping Address(es):
   We collect address information for the sole purposes of verifying your credit card, shipping your orders, and for mailing a paper copy of our quarterly newsletter & catalog to those who have elected to receive one.

3. Your Telephone Number:
   In the event that our Customer Service department needs to contact with a question regarding the fulfillment of your order, we will want to contact you as fast as possible. The most common problems we encounter are credit card typos or declines, and issues of product availablility.

4. Your Credit Card Number:
   As an added precautionary step, all credit card numbers are encrypted upon submission. Your card number is decrypted only after we have retrieved your order for processing. No actual credit card numbers reside anywhere on the server.

   At present, relies upon the use of "cookies". Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer that are set and read by a web site. While some may have concerns over the use of cookies, we assure you that uses them in the most minimal and least intrusive manner.

For more information, please refer to "How We Use Cookies", located in our "Help" section.

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