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"Information on our tea packaging."
     Our teas are offered in a wide range of packet sizes. A packet is a food grade FDA approved poly/foil bag, perfect for storing loose leaf tea. These bags are sized to hold 125 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams and 1 kilogram. The 2 smaller packets come with a resealable ziplock top. In most cases, we pack the standard packet with 125 grams (4.4 ounces). The gram weights in our price list are always indicated in the pull-down menus used to select the size. The standard- and double-size packets are also available in plug-top British tea tins at $2.00 and $3.00 (respectively) more than the packet sizes. The tins have a black matte finish with a plug top lid and our standard round label affixed to the front.

Weights of Most Teas
(Remember, 125 grams is equivalent to 4.4 ounces!)
   Large-leaf teas are packed in smaller quantities depending on the boldness of the leaf. Thus, a standard packet may contain 100 grams or less (refer to the menu box before clicking 'Purchase'). We package teas in multiples of 2, 4 and 8 times the standard packet size. The label on the front of the packet lists the actual net weight. Since this may vary from the weight imprinted on the packets (bag) itself, always refer to the round Upton Tea Imports label for the net weight. This will always correspond to the weights in the price list. *Note*: Sample weights are approximately 12% of the packet weight. See below.

Weights of Bulkier Teas
(100 grams is equal to 3.53 ounces.)
   All teas are hand packed by us the day that we fill your order. Our larger packet pricing reflects the savings incurred by us in labor, as well as reduced margins for large quantity purchases. Savings will vary depending on the scarcity and cost of the tea at hand. For the largest size packet,we use a food grade FDA approved poly/foil bag which can be used for months of storage. After dispensing the portion of the tea into a small canister, roll the bag tightly shut before sealing to minimize the amount of air retained in the bag. We suggest ordering only the amount of tea which will be consumed in three months.

   At the request of many of our customers, we now offer all of our teas in sample-size quantities at a nominal price of approximately 20% of a single packet price. Samples start at $1.00 for teas valued at $7.49 or less per packet, and go up in increments of 50 cents. This sample pricing policy will allow you to try all of our teas at a reasonable price.

   We also offer Sampler Sets, which consist of 4 small, reusable tins (approx. 35 grams each) packed from a specific range of teas. To view a list of current Sampler Sets, click here.

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