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"How do I order online? First step."
     Ordering online with us is simple! We'll walk you through the steps...

   The first step of ordering is finding what you want. There are two basic methods of doing this.

   If you have an idea of what type of item you're looking for, or simply want to see what we have in a particular category, you should browse. There are a few places on this site that point to catalog pages, (such as the tabs at the top of this page) but you can always get to the catalog index by clicking on the "Catalog Index" link that is located on the left navigational bar.

Find Item:
   If you know the item code that you want to order, you can enter it in the "Find Item" input field on the left. Typical item codes are TD98, AK11, etc. This is the fastest way to display information about a specific item.

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Start shopping by browsing.
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