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"Redeeming a Gift Certificate."
     Are you looking to order a Gift Certificate for somebody? If so, click here.

   Redeeming a Gift Certificate is as simple as placing an order.

   First, place the desired items in your Shopping Cart. For more information on ordering, see "How do I order online?". Note that this order MUST be placed using our normal checkout process -- you cannot use Gift Certificates with our QuickBuy feature. Once your purchasing is complete, proceed to the checkout.

To Redeem Your Gift Certificate
   At the bottom of the "Select Your Payment Method" page, click on "Do You Have a Gift Certificate?" and enter the gift certificate number in the box. The Gift Certificate number will look something like this: UTI01746-1.1 or like this: 123456-1.1.

   Should your order total more than the value of the gift certificate, choose one of the other payment methods for the balance due.

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