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"Tips on finding the items you're looking for."
     We've tried to make it as easy as possible to find items that you want. There are many methods of finding items on, and we have some helpful pointers to make it easier for you to figure out which method(s) works best for you.

   Searching our catalog is probably the easiest way to find items if you know exactly what you want. Just go to the search page, enter your criteria and we'll try to find items that you'd like.

   Here are some tips on searching (if you are having difficulties): when entering a search string, only enter words -- no commas or special characters. You can enter words having to do with particular flavor characteristics, certain types of tea, estate names or even an itemcode.

Here are some examples of valid searches:
  • Enter darjeeling first flush to find all first flush Darjeeling teas
  • Enter hearty breakfast to find any breakfast teas that have a hearty flavor
  • Enter fruit to find a list of fruit teas, as well as the Fruit Tea category
  • Enter Poobong to find every tea from the Poobong tea estate
   The more words you enter, the easier it will be to narrow your search down. By default, we will try to match EVERY word you enter -- you may change this by going to the search page and choosing "match as many words as possible." Also, because there are so many variations/translations of common words, you should try alternate spellings of anything that does not return any results. An example would be: Tie Kwan Yin, Ti Guan Yin, Tie Gwan Yin, etc. We automatically attempt to correct typos and/or alternative spellings, but we may not always be able to do so until we've analyzed a similar query.

   Please note that entering noise words such as "loose" (all of our teas are loose teas), "tea" or "in" will either be filtered out, cause an extraordinary large amount of items to be found or even cause your search to come back empty. Very specific words are much more effective than generalized words.

   If you do not know exactly what you wish to buy, or know what general type of tea you would like to purchase, there are many ways to browse our selection:

 Browse Catalog: Here, you can look at the catalog arranged in a hierarchy of categories. If you know the general type of tea you are looking for, this is your best bet.

 Bestsellers: Not sure what to try? See what everybody else seems to like! Even if you do know the general type of tea you wish to purchase, you can display teas that only pertain to that certain category if you wish.

 New Arrivals: Are you interested in buying only the newest teas available? Check the New Arrivals area for the latest additions to our online catalog.

 Previously Ordered Items: If you merely want to purchase a tea that you've had in the past, go to Your Account. You'll be presented with a list of each tea you've ordered before.

 Suggested Buys: Have you ordered before, but want to try new teas that we think you'd like? We will suggest teas for you to purchase based on customers with similar buying habits. Please note that if you've not ordered previously, we will not be able to suggest teas for you to try -- see Bestsellers instead.

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