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Steeping Information - what do these numbers mean?
     Nobody likes to order an item, receive it, and then not know what to do with it or how to use it properly. Although steeping variables depend on an individual's taste, we are here to help.

   The steeping suggestions are just that -- suggestions. You are encouraged to deviate from them, and to try and find something that fits your own personal taste.

   The first variable is the leaf quantity -- how much dry product do you infuse per cup of tea? For the most part, this amount should remain the same for each tea of the same type, but this may not always be true. Too much leaf can create an overly strong or bitter cup. We list the leaf quantity in grams, and although this precision may not be mandatory, it is highly recommended. Because of differences in leaf sizes, it is nearly impossible to suggest a teaspoon amount to use. Remember, a standard tea cup is 6 oz!

   Next is the water temperature. In general, you never want to use boiling water on anything but black teas. If you don't have a thermometer, you should get one -- the length of time the water takes to cool depends on your kettle and the room temperature, so "letting the kettle cool for 5 minutes" means nothing.

   Lastly, and perhaps the most important factor, is the steeping time. How long should a given amount of leaf be allowed to infuse in the water? This is the variable that will vary the most from tea to tea. If a tea is too weak, this is the probable cause, and if a tea is as astringent as witchhazel, try adjusting the infusion time.

   Try experimenting. There is no "right way" to steep tea, except what tastes good to you.

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