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"Using our Wish List feature"
  What is our Wish List?
   The Upton Tea Imports Wish List service is a great way to keep track of products that you may want to purchase for yourself in the future. Below are the details of how the interface works. In order to be able to add items to your Wish List, or to select items from your Wish List and add them to a cart, you must have JavaScript enabled within your browser. For more information concerning Upton Tea's use of Cookies and Javascript please click here.

How do I activate my Wish List?
   Your account is configured so that the Wish List function is disabled by default. To activate your Wish List you may browse to "Your Account" above, and select "Account Preferences" from the selection menu or just click Change Preferences and you'll be automatically redirected.
   Once you are at your Account Preferences page you may toggle the Wish List function on or off. If you are having trouble navigating the account preferences of our website please contact us at, and we will be happy to assist you.
   Your Wish List will be set to "Private" by default, by selecting "Public" you will make your wishlist contents available to other registered customers. In order to receive an email list of your Wish List contents a registered customer must input your email address in the Wish List Request Field on the Gifts page.

How do I use my Wish List?
   Once you have activated the Wish List function in your Account Preferences you will be able to add items to your Wish List by selecting the Wish List icon on any Item Details page. Until you activate your Wish List no icon will appear.
   Items that have been added to your wish list may be viewed by selecting the "Wish List" link from the navigation bar at the left of the page. Once you are viewing your Wish List you may edit its contents or move items to a cart.

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