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Ceylon - Uva

The world-famous Uva teas owe their distinct character to the unique topographical position of this district. During late summer, extreme drying winds, called the "Cachan" by Sri Lankans, cause the tea bush leaves to close tightly, and the lowered moisture content of these closed leaves increases the balance of flavor. Green teas from this district offer a clean cup with a stimulating aroma.

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 1. TC35: Blackwood Estate Organic Green

The leaves of this selection range in color from willow green to dark olive and yield a full-bodied liquor. The cup has an interesting citrus nuance. The nose has a fresh quality and sweet hints. The Blackwood garden is known for producing some of the finest organic teas in Sri Lank ...

*Some variations are limited:

    100g packet: 13 remaining
    400g packet: 11 remaining

 2. TC63: Idulgashinna Estate Organic Green OP

This selection from the ever popular Idulgashinna Estate has a smooth liquor with a full, round flavor profile and sweet, lingering finish. The Orange Pekoe leaves yield a mildly pungent cup with subtle notes of sweet corn and celery.

*Some variations are limited:

    640g bag: 8 remaining

Browse Items:  1-2
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