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India - Assam

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 41. TAA9: Mahadeobari Estate TGFOP

"Lord Shiva's Garden" is the literal translation for Mahadeobari, which is located in the prime Upper Assam growing region. This selection has an attractive leaf style with bountiful golden tips. The rich cup is malty and sweet, with a nuance of dark honey. The infusion "creams down" over time, whi ...

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 42. TAC1: Oaklands Estate SFTGFOP1

From the peak of the second flush season, this tea has a generous complement of golden tips, yielding a cup with a fresh and rich Assam aroma. The dark liquor has a malty aspect and the pleasing level of pungency can take milk well.
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*Some variations are limited:

    800g bag: 1 remaining

 43. TAD7: Heritage Assam Black Tea Spl.

This is a unique tea made using old fashioned hand processing. The large, well-twisted, dark-brown leaves are generously threaded with golden downy tip. The aroma has hints of salted almonds and berries. The cup is sweet, with notes of wine, malt, and cocoa, finishing with a light astringency. This ...

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